Sep 2, 2016

Fall is here and conventions coming up!

August kicked off and was a good month of work. Time flies by and I'm posting here some of the projects started and some finished this month. Also a lot of smaller tattoos that I don't usually post pictures of but that are just as important to their wearer were done. Fall is starting to settle in and I'm updating my calendar to the coming months.

This fall I'm attending two conventions: In october I will be in Kuopio for Tino's tattoo expo 7.-8.10. ! So if you know anybody around there who wants to get a tattoo I have available space. I have never been to Kuopio in my life so I don't know what to expect.

And in November I'll be at the International Brussels tattoo convention 11.-13.11.  First timer there also! I will try to report from the conventions a little more here than just my own work. Because conventions are such energetic places with so much to see and do and learn. They are inspiring!

Lastly, here's some of the stuff started in august, or finished in august. I'm booking for fall and have plenty of available dates, so if you're interested you can contact me at


In-progress, artwork by John Dyer Baizley:

Finished lower arm sleeve, just one view of it:

Bad photo of a finished coverup tattoo.

This lovely racoon was done yesterday!

 This piece I'm very excited about. It's in-progress. Thanks for watching again!

Jul 29, 2016

Back to work!

So, it's time to get back to work. Had a lovely vacation with time for some art and some travelling with the family, what more could you ask for.
Here's a tattoo I finished last week, had a little bit of a soft landing back in the studio...I really need to start taking better photos of the tattoos, it seems like they are getting worse and worse, sorry about that. I'll try and get better at it. It just seems that fresh tattoos are just impossible, like this one (lines are healed):

Monday august 1st I'll be back at the studio again and ready for the fall. First week I'll be a little bit irregulary at the studio but from the 8th onwards I'm back again mon-fri 11-17, so come on by or mail me if you want to start something new this fall!
Excited for fall!

Jun 24, 2016

Summer is here and some booking info

So it's midsummer's weekend already! Time flies by when you're having fun. It's been close to 6 months at LR tattoo and art alliance now and it's been great, thanks to all my clients who have supported me and new ones I meet every week. You're the reason I get to do what I love.

Concerning bookings I'm at the studio until the end of June (next week) and you're welcome to drop by and make an appointment for autumn then, but check by e-mail first to make sure I'm at the studio when you plan to come by, my schedule is a little out of the ordinary next week. So drop me a line at if you want to set up a meeting.
In july I will be "out-of-office" and only taking bookings for smaller pieces by e-mail. I might not answer back right away, so be patient :) I'll be back again on August 1st. Right now the first available times are from mid-august onwards.

Here's a few photos of recent work again. I picked an animal theme for this post. All very different from each other, an africa-inspired elephant, a chincilla on vacation, a more realistic style hummingbird and a decorative moth. Thanks for looking!

May 2, 2016

Spring is in the air!

April just went by in a blur, here's some tatoos from last month. Again photo quality a little lacking, but you get the picture. At this moment the month of may is pretty much booked and I'm booking june and also from august onwards. Come by the studio if you want to book in or mail me.

This first tattoo here is a refresher of an old one, the branch was there and we added flowers. The last tattoo in this post is part of a whole sleeve that's in progress.

Apr 12, 2016

Great Convention!

Helsinki Ink comvention is over and what a great weekend it was! Had a lot of good times with client's, friends and colleagues. Here's two photos of work done at the convention. The photos are really bad, I'm sorry, and the rest of the work I did was even worse photography wise so I hope I get to photograph them when they are healed.

Here's a also a fun one from before the convention.

Mar 26, 2016

A few from the month of March

Here's a few pictures from this month. Quite a collection of different things. Liked doing all of them. I love my job! I'm booking for May and June now. It's a prefect time to get your tattoo done before summer now. The last photo in this post is a cover up and now is a good time to have that coverup done so you can bare your arms or legs this summer!!! Love the challenge of coverups.

Mar 20, 2016

A couple of bigger projects

Today I'm posting pictures of a couple of bigger projects in progress. These projects take a long time and a very dedicated client. This back has been in progress for a while already and I'm excited each time to chip away at it. This is also part coverup and blending in an old tattoo. Here's a small view of it.

This mermaid tattoo was started quite recently and it is still waiting for all the colours and shadings. I'm so honoured to be doing these tattoos for people who have decided to trust me with their visions.
I love doing pieces like these, because you can work your imagination and when designing them you start to make up a whole story about the piece. I like how they start to get a life of their own in the process. I love the whole storytelling aspect of tattooing.